My Bags Are Packed

Those who know me best always joke that they never know when I’m coming or going, but that I’m always on the move. They ask “where in the world is Callie today?” Half jokingly, but half serious too, since I have a habit of globe trotting from one country to the next without too much notice.

For the past year I’ve been living in New Zealand, the land of the long white cloud as the native Maori’s call it. It’s been a year of one adventure after another, traveling the country from top to bottom and east coast to west coast (sometimes from coast to coast all in the same day!).

My most recent trip was to the Bay of Plenty, where I went gliding and hiked to a forbidden waterfall (more on those adventures coming later!). This week I’ve spent my time in Auckland, having going away parties for my friends who are all leaving the country within the next month. I don’t have to leave until July, so I have a few more months to wait for that.

And now my bags are packed, and I’m going on a new adventure. You’ll have to wait to find out where.