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Moving Abroad: 5 Biggest Challenges

What's it like to sell everything, pack up three bags, and move half-way around the world? Moving to New Zealand has been the best decision I have ever made, but not without its challenges. If you're considering moving abroad, or simply interested in the process, I'm here to share about my experience and hopefully [...]

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Love Made Me Do It

Greetings from my new home! If your mind is reeling a bit and wondering where in the world I am, let me fill you in a bit. See this guy right here? I'm crazy about him.  Where to start..... I've been so inconsistent with blogging that there's no updates on my life in the past [...]

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My 8-hour Layover Adventure

I just got back home from a short trip to New Zealand to visit my man and have an epic two week adventure! So much happened during this last trip, including a surprise PROPOSAL!!!!! Yep, I'm engaged! If you want more deets on the proposal story, drop me a comment below. It was a whirlwind [...]

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Life’s An Adventure

Wow, blogging is harder than I remember. Here I sit, seven years after publishing my first post, still wanting to blog but feeling like I'm living in a completely different life than the one I had when I first started posting online. I'm a new Callie with new ambitions, new life experiences that have molded [...]

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Building Memories :: Why I Love Traveling, My Dad, & Harney Peak

It's Father's Day over in the States, and I almost missed it. Regardless of how often I forget about holidays, especially since living in NZ where the holidays don't always match up, I have the most amazing, wonderful dad in the world. We simply get each other. We think alike in so many ways, seeing [...]

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The Great Barrier Island Adventure

So you have a free weekend and wanna get away from your regular rhythm...what better place to escape to than Great Barrier Island, Auckland, New Zealand? No, it's not the Great Barrier Reef (that's in Australia!), but I would argue that it's just as beautiful and exquisite. Let me give you a few examples.... Located [...]

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